About Me

Dear Future Readers,

This blog will reveal my journey as a 99percenter that falls hopelessly in love with a former 99percenter who by sheer determination, hardwork, and happenstance turned into a 1percenter, who then moves from sunny and friendly California to crazy and unfriendly New York City to start my new (unrealistic) life as a Wall Street girlfriend with a dirty little secret: I am unemployed, I have massive student loan debt, I have been through foreclosure, I do not have health insurance, I do not know anything about stocks, bonds, options or hedge-fund management, I do not want to try cocaine as a coffee alternative, and I definitely do not understand spending insane amounts of money on dinners, wine, concerts, Vegas trips, car-service, clubbing, summer beach homes,  and countless other 1percenter-endorsed activities that occur every single day in New York City- and beyond.

BUT, realizing that I have been given a truly unique opportunity to frolic into the unknown and mysterious world of the 1percenters (from the comforts of my 99percent world) I decided to share my epic journey with you. I promise to give an honest and truthful account of my experience into this foreign, lavish, fast-paced, deliciously scrumptious, dog eat dog, sexy, crazy, intellectually stimulating, disgustingly rich, charity-driven, smoke in mirrors, rollercoaster-like, intense, and wildly superficial lifestyle that has become my semi-permanent, pseudo-reality.

I hope you enjoy this candid exploration into the unknown world of the increasingly unpopular 1Percenter- and who knows, we may both learn something new, confirm something old, or even find out that we have more in common with this world than we originally expected- only time (and spending) will tell.

Thank you and happy reading!

5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Life as Mia said:

    You sound like a ”real life princess story” come true, amazing blog … 🙂

    Im so gonna follow this!

  2. I’m seeking people to interview just like you for a women’s magazine story. Would you email me? caitlinvancouver@yahoo.com.

  3. hey welcome to nyc!…its a magical place! lol nice to meet you

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