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Hey world! I am back!! I have been in a self-imposed incubator for the past few months. There was a lot of self-reflection and (many other self-etc words), and now, well…..I am here, and I am hoping to continue my encounters with the 1%, post-Occupy Wall Street. 

Professionally, I had to get very creative. I have finagled my way into a job at a law firm, as an actual attorney. It turns out that I can make it rain. Not only am I good at being an attorney, I am pretty freaking amazing at brining in good (paying) clients. I have made it my life to attend NYTECH MeetUp events. I am a self-proclaimed meet up ho. I love meeting people, talking law, and figuring out a way to use it all to create success. It’s quite a passion. 

Outside of me, the Street (Wall Street) has really been in the shitter these past few months. A lot of the broker guys have been whining and bitching about how slow business has become on the Street. In fact, some are considering a life post-Wall Street. The horror they say!!! It turns out that this notion, the one where they imagine themselves not playing with all the cool toys and rolling around pools of money, really makes them shit themselves. Wow, they have to actually work now? “You mean, I won’t get paid to go to Vegas? or to entertain clients? or to show up to work? wait, what?” Yeah…..it seems that they are feeling the squeeze and they are starting to get a little sour on the inside. My One-Percenter is still kicking ass at the job, because thankfully a noodle, a drive, and a hint of passion, really do make a difference! But sadly, they have to deal with these bitter assholes on a day to day basis, and so, we kinda still feel the stress and anxiety, vicariously. 

So needless to say, I am happy to be back and I hope to get reacquainted with all of you once again.