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It has been a thrilling couple of weeks for me here in semi-sunny NY. Mostly because I have been finagling a few key professional relationships that I am hoping to see grow into sustainable business opportunities. I have also been building a network of friends (finally) here in NYC. Funny enough, the people I have connected to are almost all (85%) from California. I just have a west-coast heart, there is nothing else to it. The best part is that they are all professional and of-color, a very important and rare occurrence in my current NYC life. Mainly because I have been a hermit trying to build a foundation for myself before going strong on all cylinders. Watch out now!

I recently came across a article on Bloomberg, “How U.S. Students Can Work Off Their Trillion-Dollar Debt,” that covers the the heart of the current economic crisis many of us graduates are facing (student loan debt) and more importantly, offering SOLUTIONS to this freaking epidemic (enter that crazy monkey from Outbreak).

Yes, literally, the student debt crisis needs to be treated like the virus-spreading monkey from Outbreak. It needs to be tracked down, quarantined, studied, and injected with every single freaking viable solution out there- and then apply the solution in a mass sweep.

I mean, at the end of the movie, the monkey is just a monkey making its way through the world. It just so happens to have been spreading a killer virus along the way, but it had no idea what the f was going.  Much like we were doing as we took out debt to cover the costs of our education (our futures,our families, our goals, dreams,aspirations… meaning, the future of our country, really) – yet, somewhere in between, a little debt virus was making its rounds along the way.

Yes, people knew that the debt was not going to disappear one day (or so I hope). BUT, I think that what nobody really contemplated (factored into the equation at all), was that at the end of their ‘student chapter,’ there wouldn’t be any jobs to make this expected transition happen. I mean, look at the number of grads moving back home because they can’t afford to stand on their own (very in debt) two feet. Talk to the baby-boomers who are housing these kids under their already financially scare roof. Maybe some of them even co-signed on their kid’s loan? I mean, I keep hearing about the fact that failure to make payments on these loans can result in garnishment of social security income. I mean, I do not know about you, but this problem is literally on its merry way to complete derailment.

Now, we are in full blown epidemic mode. The student loan issue is HUGE. Trillions of dollars are at stake. Futures are at stake. So when I see #Occupy Wall Street Congress, the #President, the next- want-to-President, etc. talking about solutions– I need to see them implemented NOW. I know that for myself, waiting on a solution for the masses will be like waiting for the Outbreak anti-virus injection to make me better- so I am, as I said up there, getting my professional connecttions into play. I also clearing up my financial debt-pallet with the assistance of my One-Percenter. Otherwise, I would be that bed-ridden virus-infected lady that dies by the end of Act 1. Seriously!

So, point is….good article…good solutions…I just want to see these things happen. There needs to be a debt-ceiling implemented on these loans, or regulations put in place that allow Bankruptcy to eliminate at least some of the debt (without it taking an Act of God, Allah, etc to do so). Grads need to put on their big girl/boy panties on because it will be a bumpy ride. They need to get rid of the sense of entitlement as well because that ship sailed and sank off the coast of fantasy land a long time ago. It’s time to take back your future, get the Gov’t backing that up, and get this country back on track!

Thank you for reading.