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I have been networking like a mad woman. Therefore, my time spent amongst the riches (in my rags) has been very limited. Turns out ( as we all knew), that eating a $700 meal as often as I used to eat a 99cent burger doesn’t lead to anywhere too amazing. It is a short lived trip into heaven, and yes it softens the blow of my economic reality, but I am having to kick it up a couple of notches and talking to the whiny Wall Streeters has become the least of my concerns (for now).

Nevertheless, here is a quicky summary of a Bloomberg Article I just had the pleasure of reading: Our bonuses are so low that we can’t blow money how we used to on things like big boy toys, 4th homes, wet t-shirt contest parties, cars we don’t drive, motorcycles that collect dust, or other luxury items so we are angry and stressed. The fact that we may have to do our own dishes or live in an apartment so small (1,200sqft) is also not cool.

Wow. Really? #PrivilegedProblems!!!!!