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Okay guys. Seriously. You know the shit has hit the fan when…

1. Your desk mate steals your clients.

2. The IT guys is calling you to cancel a $10/month subscription that ‘you don’t really use often.’

3.My co-workers (oh wait, what co-workers?) are getting fired faster than #KimKardashian dumped her ex Kris whatever

4.The guys are actually saving their bonuses rather than buying shit like: motorcycles, cars, boats, watches,electronics, etc.

5. Co-workers are asking their wives to stop buying shit ‘they don’t need’

6.Some are pulling out their kids from private schools

7.People are yelling at each other over $1000 errors (the typical error when placing an order for a client can be up in the $30-50k even $100k range if an idiot is involved)

8. Guys are scared for their lives and bitching about it non-stop.

9. Wall Street is shrinking by the second.

10. People are planning EXIT STRATEGIES

11. What exit strategies?

12. I could go on. But you get the point.