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Godzilla Invades Wall Street

Godzilla has arrived, partially.

I apologize for the extensive break in writing to you but it has been a roller coaster these past two weeks. My One-Percenter is at risk. And there is PANIC all around Wall Street. People are being let go, left and right, and left, and more right, and all around the Street.

Therefore, we have been going through a very stressful period. I am still looking but still very unemployed and with the possibility of my One-Percenter’s job at risk, we have been hitting the panic button for the past few days. It also has been a strain on our relationship given the economic burden this move would signify. We are both hoping for the best during these very uncertain times but not even the best meals, clubs, Broadway shows, wines, weekend getaways, and other job perks won’t stop the sting of job insecurity, an unknown future, and those student loan bills that accompany us wherever we go (like Tails, that sidekick Sonic The Hedgehog had that was slightly annoying and got in the way a lot of the times).

Hence, I apologize for the delay, but I guess this reality check has shifted my tune these past few days. Hopefully this too shall pass and better things will come-as I am sure many of us are feeling this sentiment!

I know we will be okay, and I know it is a phase…so let us look to 2012 as a good year!! No matter what!!

Thank you: http://scientopia.org/blogs/scicurious/files/2010/10/godzilla-tokyo.jpg, for the image.