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The Future of America: Educated, Jobless, and In Debt

Wow! What a turn of events for our nation’s educated youth. Just when you thought education was the key to success you soon realized that it was also the key to debt, poverty, and a lot of dissapointment!

Recent study from the New York Food Bank shows that their recent food demand is not coming from the bottom of the poverty poll but from recently graduated and very broke youth! Talk about a bright future.

The best part is that as I post this article and pretty much feel the crunch myself, my One-Percenter tells me that the co-worker/brokers on Wall Street are complaining about having to cut back on corporate expense accounts. It seems like they can’t just take out the company jet to a sports event or concert or weekend trip to Vegas anymore without having extensive higher-up approval and they can’t seem to stop crying about it

Talk about being out of touch with reality! One-Percenters cry about what jet to take to the game while 99 percenters line up at the soup kitchen. A tad bit unequal right? #OWS #OccupyWallStreet needs to figure it out and find a solution other than ‘pay-off/forgive my student loans’ because something has got to change in a broken, biased system.

One-Percenter problems: What silver spoon should I suck on today? Ridic.