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The Voice of the 99Percent

The last, if not all, couple of posts on this blog have focused on the ‘what, who, when, and WTF’ of the Wall Street One-Percent but after an interesting conversation with a certain someone (my One-Percenter’s very very veryyy smart uncle) I was inspired to take a different twist to my blog posts and ASK YOU:

How are we, the rest of the world, the hard-working, no bail-out, in debt, struggling, jobless, yet very hopeful (maybe even spiritual) 99 Percent getting by during these harsh economic times?

As for me, I am in a very unique, even somewhat LUCKY, position in that I am a 99percenter on paper, but I have gotten to float around and experience the life of a Wall Streeter One-Percenter (the many many perks they enjoy on a somewhat daily basis).

Therefore, the punches that come with being broke, jobless, in debt, etc are soften by the fact that for split seconds I get to feel a break in the harsh reality that so many Americans (and beyond) are facing today:

You can’t afford to live outside of living pay check to pay check, you can barely cover your rent or your food, and the feeling of an ever-present burden that for some comes in the form of student loans or mortgages or other debt that you carry along day after day with no end in sight, or the jobs you keep applying to but do not return your calls, etc. etc. etc…

Hence, I am curious to know: how are you getting by? What keeps you motivated? What are you doing for work? Do you even have work?? How are you making it work in America today and why is the 99 Percent so silent? I want to hear the voices!!!