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FED Loves To Throw Money Away

Problem? Yes. We need a lot of money to keep the world from imploding. Solution: Let’s throw money at it, again.

Apparently it has become Bail Out Wednesday! More parties to add to the bail out shit list.

The Icing and Cherry On Top: That means that a lot of people are making money on Wall Street today as the market takes a nice ride through Commission City. Yes, once again, the world gets fucked and Wall Street and The One Percenters pocket the money!!! Loves it.

A summary of the typical response to a financial crisis?  Throw money at the rich, save the world by saving its financial institutions, and arrest the bastards out at #OccupyWallStreet!!

And guess who made the list?

  • A 99Percenter and #OWS Favorite: Bank of America, with the FEDS saying they are ready to use their ‘tools’ if BOA hits $4.00!
  • Oh yeah, the Rest of The World : FED, ECB, BOJ, BOE, SNB, BANK OF CANADA LOWER SWAP RATES- BBG
  • And, a special little nugget: ECB, FED other major central bank to lower the pricing of existing USD liquidity swaps by 50BPS
  • Oh and your wallet should be crying a little as The WorldWide Dollar Crunch was also duly noted!

Who will bail out the rest of America as students default on their loans, people default on their mortgages, and the One-Percenters on Wall Street (and across the world) lose their once (insanely $$$) cushy finance jobs? Oh yes, nobody! It’s gonna suck, to say the least.

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