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#OWS Meets Boston Tea Party

My One-Percenter and I decided to do a Holiday Retreat to Boston this weekend and found that it truly is an amazing historical city!

In fact, when we accidentally wondered into the Old South Meeting House I remembered why movements like Occupy Wall Street exist today- because they are as American as it gets! So why is it that so many people have opposed Occupy? Why does media push it aside?

A quote displayed prominetly at the Meeting House reads: “If people really don’t like something, then they wreck our carriages and tear off our wigs and throw stones through the windoes of our town-houses. And that is an essential thing to have if you are going to have a free country.” – Lieutenant Govenor Thomas Hutchinson, 1768

Further, the Boston Tea Party, as some of you may recall, was one of many uprisings that America experienced as part of its many growing pains in its early years of birth.

In Boston, I rediscovered that America has a true “Tradition of Rebellion” that so many of us now have forgotten ever existed as part of early American society. Also forgetting that the Boston Tea Party was not the first occassion when colonists had acted outside the bounds of law. Popular uprisings were as important part of Britist heritage and when legal means failed to right a wrong, citizens believed they had the authority to act. Mass protests sometimes escalated to tarring and feathering royal officials or looting and burning their property. Violent demonstrations became so widespread that patriot leaders had to caution their followers to restrain their tactics. Gee, sound familiar?

It is sad to see that so many media outlets do not understand the importance of Occupy Wall Street and the overall importance of protest. Why did we forget that America has a long and beautiful (and sometimes very violent) history of protest!

So why stop it now? Many centuries have gone by without the drive and passion that the Founders of our country once had and yet the spark of such a modern day uprising seems to be tossed to the side as unimportant, unAmerican, and basically- pointless.

Do you agree? Is it the new American Revolution? Or did #OWS miss the mark?