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MF Global-Another Reason Why One-Percenters Need To Be Regulated

Why is it that MF Global can invest $6billion into EuroZone fiascoes and not oneeee person is getting arrested for the missing funds that have been recently uncovered?

Is it in the MILLIONS? BILLIONS? I mean, really, this is pretty sick buttloads of money that nobody knows where it went! Thankfully, and quite frankly finally, the FBI is going to investigate the MF folks who may be held accountable for well, not being accountable, for the missing money.

I can’t even transfer $10 dollars between my JP Chase accounts without getting a FEE or other type of unnecessary probe, BUT THESE PEOPLE CAN PLAY AND LOSE BILLIONS? Somebody needs to stop this hot mess we call Wall Street play money. Seriously, these guys transfer billions like if it were Monopoly money.

The best part is that some of the MF Global account holders now have to cry and post more margins (MONEY MONEY MONEY) to transfer their now defunct MF accounts to non-defunct brokers that will hopefully help clear up the MF Global virus that seems to be worrying some One-Percenter’s pockets. Maybe the 99percenters can cover that tab too? Yeah, that seems to be the answer for these types of shitty financial bubble-bursts. I bet Madoff is laughing his ass off at this one. At least he is not the ‘asshole of the day.’