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This commercial is priceless! The little boy’s concern over the Candy Etiquette Sign that reads “Please just take one” and the little girl’s seemingly willful ignorance as she blissfully grabs a huge handful of chocolate candy reminded me of a recent conversation I had with a Wall Street gentleman at one of the ‘voluntary bring your girlfriend -outings.’ (‘Voluntary’ because, although it is not a commonly noted ‘job duty,’ anyone on Wall Street seeking to make the big Street bucks is required to go out and mingle and drink and party and try and get new clients-almost every single day).

Anyway, I had asked him how he felt about the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon and our nation’s growing concern over the ‘One-Percenter Greed.’  He joked and answered, “Listen, I am playing by the rules. I have to spend money to make money. This does not make me a bad person. I do what I can as best as I can.”

So here I am, like ‘little boy-Batman’ trying to play by the rules (going to college and grad school in hopes of securing a better future, buying a home to start building equity) and I slowly started to feel that I had gotten the complete societal shaft! I wanted my bag full of candy too! I wanted a sugar high every single day (I mean really, the little fatty 3rd grader inside me lives on!). Yet I sat there, talking to this very successful individual (making lots of money, traveling to exotic destinations with exotic women, living in an amazing loft in TriBeCa) and I could not help but feel like I had gotten completely and utterly ripped-off! Had this asshole stolen my candy?!

So then I asked myself, why am I feeling ripped-off, and most importantly, am I blaming him? I think I realized I felt a certain unconscious entitlement to financial, societal, and even personal success. I had gone to grad school, I had worked my butt off to get a decent job, I moved from friendly California to unfriendly New York in search of better opportunities yet all those years of playing by the rules had thus far not paid-off. The candy bowl patrol has failed me.

Maybe I am mad at our current economic environment or maybe I am feeling bitter that I didn’t blissfully ignore that damned candy sign too?! Who knows! At least the conversation (and subsequent commercial) provided food for thought (and blog).

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