Dear NYC, Times Are A’ Changing!


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So what I have loved about being immersed in this city for the past few months has been that I have definitely noticed a shift in NYC’s economic resources. 

Not only has this city been battered by storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes, but it has also suffered a noticeable decline in wealth/money on Wall Street. Does that mean that the Occupy Wall Street( #OWS ) movement made an impact? or is that our country is undergoing a sudden, and almost poetic, shift of focus and resources. Whoa. Maya 2012 anyone? 

Where is the WS money going? Well, given that the AmEx, the mega bonuses, and overall WS spending has literally been snipped (think vet visit), a lot of the WS crew seems to be turning to other alternatives. Many of which, include turning to the Start-Up Craze! occurring here in NYC. 

What is a start-up? Well, think of Facebook, when it was just a speck in the world of finance. The WS guys seem to be utilizing their trade/investment (and remaining bank account funds) to get in early on the Facebook hopefuls, aka Start-Ups. 

It’s been amazing to these boys scramble to remain sustainable (after all, the mc mansions can’t pay for themselves). Hopefully, this economic shift will lead to a new sense of awareness and respect for money and resources. Not just amongst the WS crowd, but in general.

I think these ‘natural’ forces, as devastating as they have been, have been an example of how things are a’ changing. no longer can be deny the obvious, there is climate change, we will continue to see more and more of these devastations, and now, we can learn to prepare for them. 

Just as with natural disaster, WS seems to be taking on a different tone. People seem to be becoming more aware of their privilege, and at times, using that privilege to help fuel the new and exciting ventures amongst the start-ups in NYC. Outside of the economic opportunities that these WS see in that, I honestly feel that it has been a learning process for everyone.